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The competitions demonstrated the innate talents the children had within them. The Inter House Competitions helps in drawing out the potential of the children by way of exhibiting their capabilities that would go a long way in shaping their competitive streak within them which would really help in designing their future.

Various competitions are held in which all children participate with full zest and enthusiasm. Greeting card making competition provides a wonderful creativity while the oratorical skills exhibited by children in the extempore competition is a revelation to teachers. The singing of National Anthem in unison brings a patriotic fervor in one and all. The year round Sudoku workshop helps, increasing the qualitative level of the Sudoku competition which shows the improved logical thinking of the children. The painting Competition brings out vivid colours on the canvas by the young artists. Mental muscles are excercised by the chess competition and the beautiful Kolams brings out our deep rooted culture in us. English handwriting competition rediscovers the age old art of calligraphy. On the whole, the competitions are a very enriching experience for students and also helps teachers in adding a new dimension of communication with the children.

In the month of june, to observethe Environment Day celebrations, we had competitions like slogan writing, poem writing and also a group dance. Social issues were the theme in the month of July and the students contested in spell bee and monoacting. The students participated in teams to teams to make nutritious breakfast and turn coat in the month of August in connection with the celebrations of Independence Day. The topics like parents are always right, mobiles are useful, junk food should be banned social networking sites were dealt well by the students and most of them made the left the audience in splits with laughter. The month of November was colorful as the Festival of lights was the theme and competitions like Painting and Flame-free cookery. The judges were really amazed at the recipes prepared by the students as they had done it with aplomb.

Competition can be an inspiration to improve oneself. Everyone has a competitive streak in them. This year, the being the students showed their various talents in writing poems ,stories and slogans. Their creativity was showcased as the whole school participated in making greeting cards, Collage and Posters. The auditorium was filled with a patriotic feeling as all the houses participated in the Singing of our National Anthem.Winning is perhaps at best a desire but definitely not the main objective among the students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan though many felt the tingling sensation as they strived to be the best.