Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached
- Swami Vivekananda
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The Human Excellence course aims at imparting sound vision of Indian culture, ethics, values and spiritual principles in a modern idiom to the youth by employing a scientific and rational approach. It is not merely confined to imparting values and ethics along but can help the youth to unfold their hidden potential and achieve excellence in every field of life. In short, it is an effective human resource development programme which can lead to total human fulfillment.

HE Syllabus

Bharathiya vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra takes pride for being the pioneers in setting up an exclusive Department of Human Excellence.

The Syllabus framed for the Department of Human Excellence :

  • Kindergarten Story telling and Slokas
  • Std I to VI Culture course (Bhavan’s Publication)
  • Std VII & VIII Ramayana & Unleashing Excellence (both Bhavan’s publications)
  • Std IX & X Mahabharata & Unleashing Excellence (both Bhavan’s publications)
  • Std XI Unleashing Excellence Learn to Live – I (Ramakrishna Mission’s publication)
  • Std XII Unleashing Excellence Learn to Live – II (Ramakrishna Mission’s publication)

Saturday Classes

This year the department of Human Excellence has been restructured to cater to the students of classes IX to XII. The students are divided into two groups of classes IX , XI & X, XII. It aims at providing Man Making Education by conducting Seminars, Workshops and Orientation programmes with an emphasis on Career guidance, Personality development, Leadership skills, Soft skills, Communication, Time management, Team building, Goal achieving, Planning and prioritizing, Positive attitude, Risk taking, Team spirit, Yoga and Meditation, Value systems.


Month Date Classes Topic Resource Person
June 17.06.2023 XI & XII Indic Wisdom and Values Smt.Smrithi Rekha V
July 01.07.2023 XI & XII Career Guidance Shri.Kanagaraj P
15.07.2023 XI & XII Cultural values for students Br.Vignesh Chaitanya
August 05.08.2023 XI & XII Preparing Young Minds to achieve Global Excellence Dr.N.Balu
19.08.2023 XI & XII Raja Yoga Smt.Sasirekha
October 07.10.2023 IX & X Concentration and Memory Techniques Shri.Sanjay
21.10.2023 IX & X Problem Solving Skills Smt.Preetha H & Karthiga S
November 04.11.2023 IX & X Power of Positive Thinking Smt.Samathuvarani A
18.11.2023 IX & X Importance of Character in life Shri.Haresh A